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Biokem’s unique position within the medical and legal community allows for the ability to provide you with resources that can be helpful toward obtaining your goals. We partner with many legal photocopy services and each specializes in a particular service.

Instead of spending your time, money and effort contacting various copy services and trying each one out until you find that perfect one, first, contact us and we can partner you with the one that will best fit your needs.

Service Details

Whether you are an attorney, law firm or court reporter and you are in need of a reliable legal photocopy service to provide subpoena preparation, process serving, document scanning, court filings and all other discovery services we have a solution for you.

Legal Photocopy Services

Subpoena Preparation

Service of Process

Court Filings

On-Site Document Scanning

X-Ray Duplication & Digitizing

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Which type of services do you connect legal firms with?

We refer services that help attorneys, court reporters and the legal community as a whole will need to help with the discovery process. So whether you need a process server, a legal photocopy professional or a whole legal photocopy service specializing in everything from subpoena preparation and court filing services to document scanning and service of process we know someone who will be the perfect fit for your needs.

02. How would you choose the right service for us?

We have been around for a long time and over the years we’ve forged lasting relationships with many legal and medical professionals and organizations that tend to specialize in one type of service or another. When you come to us with a need we have knowledge of who will best fill that position and whether you decide to use the service just one time or go on to form a relationship with that individual or company is entirely up to you.

03. How much does it cost to provide us a referral?

The best part about using Biokem Superior Services to help find the right service to partner with for your specific needs is that it’s entirely free. We do this as a means to not only help out the services that we’ve come to know and appreciate for their professionalism but also to forge new relationships with those in the legal and medical industries who seek to use our services in their daily routine.

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