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Microfilm and Microfiche may be a thing of the past but it’s still around and there is an ongoing need to retrieve information from this media. Biokem is one of the last remaining companies in the nation that has the capability to produce this type of film.

We can take any roll of microfilm or sheet of microfiche and produce those images by either printing a copy out for you on paper or digitizing them and saving that as a PDF or any other format you may desire. 

Service Details

Biokem is one of the last remaining companies in the nation to offer microfilm and microfiche services in this capacity. From paper copies to digital renditions your microfilm and microfiche can be produced on paper or digitally stored and accessed for viewing and downloading 24/7 anytime from anywhere using any device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Can you digitize large volumes of microfilm and microfiche?

Yes, regardless of the number of spools of microfilm or sheets of microfiche you have we are able to keep up with any volume you wish to send us. 

02. Can you provide long term digital storage of our microfilm and microfiche?

Yes, we offer long term digital storage of all media types including digitized microfilm and microfiche. Our storage solution is safe and secure with multiple redundancies and documents can be accessed anytime for viewing and downloading from inside your very own client portal.

03. Do you provide other media formats besides cloud access and paper copies?

Yes, we offer digital formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPG and the physical format of Paper copies. The digital formats can be stored in the cloud and accessed via a secure online portal but if you wish to have the digital copies put onto a CD, DVD, Flash Drive or Hard Drive this can be done as well.

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